We utilize advanced expertise and the latest technology to create highly functional medical devices made with bioresorbable materials in order to contribute to the local economy and society.



Creating highly practical bioresorbable coronary stents

In 2020, the domestic market in Japan for coronary stents, based on total shipments of around 300,000 sets, is estimated to be around 50 billion yen, with the global market size approximately 10 times that. Unfortunately, the majority of the domestic market has been dominated for years by overseas medical device manufacturers and products made in Japan are leagues behind what is currently available.

Bare stents, which do not utilize medicine, were the first generation of stents. The second generation are DES stents, which incorporate medicine into the stent. These DES stents, through their safety and improvements to QOL, have made great contributions to society.

Due to an aging society and heart disease occurring at younger ages, stents will sometimes be present in the body for over 30 years. In order to reduce risks in follow-up surgeries and to solve the problem of long-term administration of antithrombotic drugs, a new generation of bioresorbable stents that disappear completely around two years after implementation are highly anticipated. Bioresorbable stents made from poly lactic acid-based and magnesium-based substrates have made it to market, but up until now they have been impractical and failed to gain traction.

Through comprehensive partnership agreements between industry, academia, and government in Kumamoto Prefecture, we are supported by various ministries in the Japanese government, universities, and public research institutions and have built a nationwide network to perform research and development on bioresorbable stents. As a result, we have set our sights on manufacturing stents that are superior to existing bioresorbable stents being made overseas. We are currently undergoing GLP nonclinical trials and safety testing in preparation for clinical trials, and we are working hard to develop practical bioresorbable stents in Kumamoto that will be put to good use throughout the world.

Shuzo Yamashita, Representative


Company name Japan Medical Device Technology Co., Ltd.
Representative Shuzo Yamashita
Founded October 2014
No. of employees 16 (as of April 2021)
Capital 10 million yen (as of April 2021)
Business type R&D for coronary stents and commissioned development of other medical devices
Kumamoto Techno Incubation Center Bldg. D, 2020-3 Tabaru,
Mashiki-machi, Kamimashiki-gun, Kumamoto, 861-2202, Japan
TEL +81 96-285-8278
FAX +81 96-285-8279


October 2014 Japan Medical Device Technology Co., Ltd. founded in Okayama after restructuring of SEAM Chemical Laboratory Co., Ltd.
September 2015 Comprehensive partnership agreement signed between Kumamoto Prefecture, Kumamoto University, Fuji Light Metal Co., Ltd., and JMDT. Opened our Kumamoto Office.
March 2016 Increased capital from 250,000 yen to 10 million yen
April 2016 Closed headquarters in Okayama, registered Kumamoto Office as headquarters
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